2021 Was The Year Of Bitcoin In Baseball

“What are we missing?” is the question that Patrick O’Sullivan, our Perth Heat chief bitcoin officer (CBO), and I asked ourselves the most during 2021.

As the chief executive of the Perth Heat, Patrick and I orange pilled the organization and worked toward operating on a Bitcoin standard, but we kept falling on the same step.

“What are we missing, and why hasn’t another sports team already done this?” we wondered time and again.

For Patrick and me, deciding to make the change to a Bitcoin standard was an easy decision. We never felt it was a risky move. In fact, we felt it was the only move we needed to make in 2021.

But that doesn’t mean the process was without its challenges. Here’s how, throughout 2021, we made the Perth Heath into the first Bitcoin baseball club in the world.

Q1: Convincing The Board

Patrick’s role as CBO began to formalize during Q1. After successfully orange pilling myself from late 2019 to early 2020, it was clear by then that it was time to start on the organization.

Naturally, the first step was to convince the board. I often say how I’m the luckiest chief executive on the planet to have such an innovative, open-minded and trusting group of board members and owners to report to. I remember telling Chairman Rory Vassallo about our Bitcoin plans and his response, “If you think this is best for the Perth Heat, go for it.”

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