Altcoin at 1-2 euro (XRP, XLM, ALGO, MATIC), what to expect from the BTC rally

Stellar (XLM)

A few weeks ago the Stellar Foundation partnered with MoneyGram International. You will recall that Ripple Labs paid the latter to adopt their RippleNet and their technology solutions to transfer international remittances.

But Ripple Labs’ problems with the SEC prompted MoneyGram to break that deal and switch to Stellar.

XLM remains very low. It recovered something after the April-May thud, but the altcoin, like XRP, didn’t even get a close look at its ATH. However, the cryptocurrency is better positioned than XRP for a potential price hike in the coming months.

Altcoin Algorand (ALGO)

Among the forgotten platforms that operate smart contracts we find Algorand and its altcoin ALGO. Born thanks to the studies on cryptography of the Italian professor Silvio Micali (Turing prize) within the MIT in Boston and with the collaboration of other eminent scholars, the project never really took off because it did not find the space for visibility of other projects. like Cardano.

However, the platform will go from the current 1,000 transactions per second, to 10,000 transactions per second by the first quarter of 2022. It could be good for the crypto wallet to own it.

Polygon (MATIC)

And finally the altcoin MATIC. The Polygon project appears to be attracting interest from Bitwise and other investors who may be giving the project what it needs – real projects and use cases. Without the latter, in fact, decentralized platforms are beautiful empty blockchains.

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