Arweave Price Analysis: AR Coin Gains 45% Within Two Weeks

  • The Arweave coin price sustains above the several EMA’s during intraday.
  • The 24-hour trading volume is at $99 million.
  • AR/BTC pair is trading positive by 2.8% at 0.00111043 BTC.

Moving Average (EMA) In the Arweave coin daily price chart containing 8,13,21,55 EMA, it is a reliable support for currency price movements. Investors can find that price moves below the yellow line and guarantee an Arweave uptrend as long as prices are above the moving average.

The volume (217.386 K) is below the 20-day moving average (919.695 K). The volume is low, so the cost is struggling for several days. Investors may also mark a decrease in volume. This indicates that unusual changes are normal on the following trading days.

Arweave Coin Price Shows Healthy Correction on Charts 

The daily price chart of the Arweave coin got a pullback from the support zone. Depending on the price action, the support area is within $30 – $40. On the flip side, the resistance range to look for is around $80 – $90.

The RSI showed a signal of 55 (bullish) with a short-term buy sign. Investors may find that the indicator’s RSI line is sloping upside. A surge can happen on future trading days.

The MACD shows a (bearish) cross below the signal line on November 11, indicating a sell signal for the currency. In addition, investors can see red bars in the histogram indicator.


The price of Arweave today is $71.59, with a 24-hour trading volume of $99,264,689. AR prices have been up 3.8 percent in the past 24 hours. It has AR coins with 50 million working capital and a total inventory of AR 64.6 million.

RSI shows a buy sign, and MACD indicates a sell signal. Traders have directed low volume. In fact, the cost sustains below the resistance zone. A market overview also shows that this pattern will continue to surge in the coming trading days.

Resistance Level: $80 & $90

Support Level: $30 & $40

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