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© Reuters. Bitcoin Moves in Bulk, Coinbase to Anonymous Wallet
  • A huge amount of BTC is moved from Coinbase (NASDAQ:) to an anonymous wallet.
  • The unknown whale received more than $128 million in BTC.
  • This amounts to 3,149 BTC.

Amid the $40,000 price struggle of , a huge amount of BTC is reported to have been transferred from the Coinbase crypto exchange to an unknown wallet. In detail, as tweeted by blockchain tracker Whale Alert, the anonymous wallet received 3,149 BTC, which equals $128,390149 million in Bitcoin.

Whale Alert team tracks the unusual transactions between different exchanges. But in this case, the details of the wallet address to which BTC was moved, are not yet identified.

However, the huge amount of BTC transfers depicts that there are still many bitcoin HODLers waiting for the trade, regardless of its price struggle. More so, this unusual case is expected to surge BTC price soon. Reports from Glassnode, a blockchain data provider, state that BTC held on Coinbase has dropped by 3,755,000. This equals a nearly 36.6% dip from its all-time high (ATH) in April 2020.

At the time of writing, BTC trades at a price of $40,808.42, with a 5.35% surge in the past 24 hours. Contrary to this, BTC and other altcoins signaled red yesterday. In fact, BTC was registered at a price of $38,477.53, which led to many predictions over the coin’s expectant plunge to $30,000.

Besides the BTC surge, coins like ETH (6.6%), BNB (4.22%), SOL (6.01%), LUNA (6.54%), (5.13%), and ADA (6.64%) have also switched gears today.

Essentially, there are even Twitter (NYSE:) posts predicting positive signs for BTC. Specifically, BTC is expected to see an immediate mega pump in the near future. Presently, its current price has surpassed $40,000. Thus, making it more probable to see further price hike predictions.

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