Boy, 12, has higher IQ than Albert Einstein – and wants cryptocurrency for Christmas

Barnaby Swinburn has clocked up an IQ two points higher than that of Albert Einstein’s, the German-born theoretical physicist widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest scientists of all time

Barnaby Swinburn has proven to be quite the clever clogs

A 12-year-old British boy may be destined for great things having notched up an IQ higher than Albert Einstein.

Barnaby Swinburn learned he was an IQ of 162 – the highest possible score for under-18s – after acing a Menca test he got for Christmas.

The young lad’s score surpasses that of well-known boffin Einstein, who was thought to clock in at 160.

The Bristol schoolboy has been accepted into the High IQ society after receiving the top score this week.

His mum Ghislaine told the Bristol Post : “I knew he was smart, but he decided that he wanted to understand himself more, that’s why he booked it.

“Maths is his thing, maths and chemistry.

Barnaby is smarter than Albert Einstein


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“There’s two types of tests in Mensa, the first one is mostly images and sequences, the second one is a lot of language.

“They take the two tests and use the highest result. He got the highest possible score for a child which is 162.”

As well as the Mensa test, Barnaby has asked for cryptocurrency for Christmas.

“He’s been watching the markets,” Ghislaine said.

“He’ll be getting an envelope with money in it for Christmas which he’ll turn into cryptocurrency.”

Ghislaine describes her son as “just lovely.”

“He’s very ambitious, an absolute joker and a class clown,” she continued. “He’s so caring and lovely.”

Barnaby has his sights set on big things for the future.

“He wants to become a programmer,” Ghislaine said. “He’s already looking at university courses, and he wants to go to Oxford.”

Mensa is the oldest high IQ society in the world and takes people in the top 98th percentile.

Einstein, who could have joined Mensa if he’d wanted to, was known for being clever and developing the theory of relativity.

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