BTC trading above $42K, El Salvador buys more BTC

Bitcoin down by 2%, trading above Rs 33 Lakh

The cryptocurrency world is still trading in red indexes as the global crypto market capitalization shrinks to Rs 136.32 lakh crores with a 2.42% decrease over the last day. The total crypto market volume has been decreased by a whopping 11% taking it to Rs 10,08,282 crores.

World’s largest crypto Bitcoin is currently trading at Rs 33,42,390 with a total market share of 42.91% which is an increase of 0.47% from the last day.

Bitcoin 33,47,000 -2.51%
Ethereum 2,27,998.5 -5.46%
Tether 79.5 -0.6
Cardano 163.4999 -3.71%
Binance Coin 28,289 -4.03%
XRP 71.9 -4.77%
Dogecoin 16.4 -2.36%

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