Can’t decide between Ethereum or BNB Chain? You can use both with Supontis

Blockchain technology is all about making our lives frictionless. However, crypto holders still run into numerous issues or complications. The very platforms that claim to make crypto accessible have been bothering people in a very specific way.

Some of the most popular blockchain networks, Ethereum and Binance, are widely used for a reason. However, because they have been built in isolation from one another, crypto holders cannot move their tokens freely between them. Developed at different times with different teams, each of these blockchain platforms have its own set of consensus mechanisms and rules, making it almost impossible for them to smoothly transfer information and assets to one another.

Taking the potential of blockchain to its core, the cross-bridge platform, Supontis, will allow its users to transfer assets with ease between the Ethereum, Binance, Tron and Fantom networks.

Ethereum Blockchain is a number one choice for many

It is hard to enter the world of crypto and not hear about the Ethereum Network. A decentralised blockchain platform that uses smart contracts functionality, Ethereum has been a serious contender to the giant Bitcoin Blockchain.

Recently, Ethereum moved away from the energy-wasting transaction validation mechanism of proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. By doing this, Ethereum reduced its energy consumption rate by 99.5%.

BNB is also considered to be one of the greatest smart chains

Another network, Binance Smart Chain, has made it even more difficult for crypto enthusiasts to decide which blockchain to use. With low transaction costs, reduced carbon gas emissions and a large number of users, many crypto holders choose to use the Binance Network instead of Ethereum.

Although many dislike Binance for being a centralised cryptocurrency exchange, others prefer that it is regulated by the United States. For some, this regulation provides Binance with more perceived security than decentralised smart chains.

Supontis allows users to experience the best of both worlds

Both the BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum Network provide their users with numerous benefits. As a result, many people have a hard time deciding between the two of them. BNB Smart Chain is newer. However, Ethereum Network is insanely popular and better established.

Luckily, the emerging cross-bridge blockchain platform, Supontis, will enable its users to take advantage of both the BNB Smart Chain and the Ethereum Network and other blockchain networks as well.

By allowing these bridges, Supontis can expose crypto enthusiasts to lower fees as native blockchain tokens such as BNB or ETH can be transferred easily. Furthermore, Decentralised apps can boost their capabilities by using the strengths of several blockchains to provide their users with access to new platforms and services.

How does Supontis work?

When a transfer occurs through Supontis, assets are not moved. Instead, Supontis uses a smart contract to carry out the transfer request.

When a transfer between BNB smart chain and Ethereum occurs, Supontis will lock the asset temporality in the BNB smart chain and then create an equal number of tokens in Ethereum. Then, the new assets in Ethereum will become unlocked.

If a user wants to transfer back to the BNB Smart chain, the tokens locked in the BNB smart chain will become unlocked, and the new tokens in Ethereum will be burned.

Have the BNB Smart Chain, Etheruem, Tron and Fantom networks all in your pocket

Supontis is currently in stage two of presale, but the presale ends soon. Those who take advantage of the presale by registering and making their first purchase will automatically receive a 10% bonus. People who purchase with ETH are subject to an 18% bonus, and those who buy PON (the native token of Supontis) with BTC can receive a 15% bonus.

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