Presale Token Outperforms Markets, Ripple (XRP) And Solana (SOL) Investors Are Starting To Jump Ship

The battle of Ripple XRP vs. SEC
has no end in sight

In December 2020, the
SEC sued Ripple Labs, the company behind Ripple, claiming that the sale of
Ripple XRP was an unregistered securities offering. Not willing to give up,
Ripple Labs has fought with the SEC ever since.

After an extensive
back-and-forth battle, the outcome is still undecided. With the potential for
Ripple XRP trading to be halted in some exchanges again, like Coinbase did when
the lawsuit was announced, some investors are cutting their losses with the
cryptocurrency as the future remains very uncertain for Ripple XRP.

While just this week,
the SEC lost a battle to remove 67,000 XRP holders from petitioning the courts,
some are wondering if XRP will ever reach the highs of $1.96 it saw back in
April 2021 again. Now, crypto enthusiasts are looking to new projects, like, for a more promising place to put their money.

in paradise for Solana (SOL)

While Solana has
undergone the same fall-from-grace as Ripple XRP, other questions over the
project’s long-term viability are being raised. Extended downtime is plaguing
the network, with seven outages in
recent months, more than any other mainstream project in the proof-of-stake
ecosystem. This significant downtime is hurting investor confidence

Other issues raised,
like lower-than-promised transactions per second and centralization of the
network’s validators, are also cause for concern. Some say that a 51% attack
due to this centralization may be more likely than with other top

With the release of a
Solana-based Android phone costing $1000, analysts have started to wonder if
this is just a cash grab before prices decline further for the Solana project.
At the time of writing the price of Solana’s native token (SOL) is $38.89

a project with tremendous growth potential is the
world’s first decentralized luxury watch trading platform built on the Ethereum
blockchain. It allows users to buy, sell and authenticate luxury watches from
brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Richard Mille, this is achieved
through the clever application of NFTs and blockchain technology.
is in the early stages of its development and investor awareness, so it has the
potential to have its own Solana and Ripple style pumps. offers
more than just hype through the watch NFTs on the marketplace are backed by the
physical version of the watch which is stored in a vault.

Currently, the
platform’s token CRNO is in phase 3 of presale, already seeing popularity
amongst crypto whales. Prices have rocketed from $0.01 to $0.066 in just under
two months as of the 4th of August, a whopping 560% increase.

Its compelling
real-world use case is drawing investors in from around the globe; no longer do
you need to speculate on silly drawings of monkeys. These rare watches are held
in secure vaults, and guess what? They aren’t making more of them. This limited
supply drives prices higher as demand increases.

Analysts are now
expecting CRNO to hit prices of $0.5-0.75
before its formal release date to public platforms on September 27th. This
would amount to a potential 1,000% increase
in value over the next two months. It’s no surprise then that some are buying
up the CRNO tokens rapidly and selling their more controversial

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