CLEPX – A next-generation cryptocurrency exchange launches a feature of derivative exchange.

CLEPX – a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, launches a feature for securing the online wallet and privacy from hackers.

/EIN News/ — Seoul, South Korea, Aug. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CLEPX – the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, launches a feature for securing the online wallet and privacy from hackers. The CLEPX exchange delivers safe services and provides solutions to the inconvenience of using cryptocurrency platforms. CLEPX carefully studies vulnerabilities explored by hackers and now has launched resources to stop such attacks. To secure the hacking accidents, CLEPX launches cold wallets and offline data storage devices to keep the wallet and trading secure to use. This feature allows the users to connect online when users use wallets, and a maximum secured connection is guaranteed every time using the wallet to trade.

CLEPX makes derivative trading easier and more accessible for everyone. The launchpad allows users to trade predictions on the future price of digital assets and helps to stabilize the volatile market. CLEPX focuses on five types of derivatives: futures trading, copy trade, recommendation trading, cryptocurrency auction market, and leverage forecasting. This platform generates profits or losses by predicting what flow the future cryptocurrency market will take. CLEPX plans to develop various prediction matching functions such as matching the long shot ratio and matching cryptocurrency market price under-over prediction in 10 minutes.

CLEPX token is a BSC (Biance Smart Chain) – based token and serves as the utility token for the CLEPX various sub-platforms and the entire ecosystem. CLEPX token serves as the basic currency to participate in all transactional activities. Furthermore, the CLEPX token continues to be the utility token in future sub-platforms we create. Thus, providing better experience and usage to holders.

CLEPX Ecosystem creates a contract that shows all revenue generated and all expenditures. Users get free CLEPX tokens via numerous airdrops, but users selected for airdrops must have at least a certain number of CLEPX tokens to participate in the airdrop. The more CLEPX tokens are collected, the more airdrop coins get.

CLEPX offers 30% of the total net profit of each quarter for CLEPX token payback and is used to reimburse losses incurred by investors. CPLEX creates related pages where anyone is allowed to check the payback records as part of transparency. CLEPX features various sub-platforms such as copy trades, spot trades, AI recommendation trades, incentives, airdrops, staking, and many more.

CLEPX offers an Exchange ecosystem, Copy trader Earnings, Referral Program, Cryptocurrency Auction, VIP Program, and Fee Discount. The exchange ecosystem spends a lot of research time managing the value of the token ecosystem and Copy traders require a certain number of CLEPX tokens or more to earn profits from followers. By Referral Program users earn more commissions if have more than a certain number of CLEPX tokens.  CLEPX token also offers various services and platforms within the CLEPX exchange and invests a lot of research time to further expand the CLEPX token ecosystem and have more diverse ideas and development plans.  

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