Coinbase vs. Coinbase Pro: Which Is Right for You?

Fees on Coinbase Pro are significantly cheaper than fees on the standard Coinbase platform. That alone makes Coinbase Pro the better choice for executing cryptocurrency trades, because it can save you quite a bit on every transaction.

On its standard platform, Coinbase calculates fees at the time you place the order based on a combination of factors, including payment method, order size, and market conditions. Smaller transactions have a flat fee, and larger transactions have a variable fee of approximately 1.49%. Here are the standard fee amounts depending on the size of the transaction:

  • Up to $10: $0.99
  • Above $10 to $25: $1.49
  • Above $25 to $50: $1.99
  • Above $50 up to $205: $2.99
  • $205 or more: 1.49%

In addition to transaction fees, Coinbase also charges additional fees for some payment methods. You can avoid these fees if you pay by an ACH transfer from your bank account.

Coinbase Pro uses a maker-taker model for its trading fees. If you place an order that isn’t filled immediately by an existing order, then you pay the maker fee, because your order is providing liquidity. If you place an order that’s filled immediately by an existing order, then you pay the taker fee, because your order is taking liquidity.

Maker-taker fees depend on your trading volume. Here’s the Coinbase Pro fee table for up to $20 million in 30-day trading volume:

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