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More than thousands of cryptocurrencies out there in the market have a minimal value yet untapped potential right now. Among all these cryptos, CoinQuora has compiled a list of the most voted coins on CoinGecko right now, using several resources from other crypto websites.

1. Bitcoin

Despite the volatility of its huge price throughout its history, Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most popular and highly-valuable cryptocurrency in the market since its launch. Although Bitcoin is designed to be used as a digital payment project, experts consider it is still too volatile to be utilized for that process.


Dogecoin’s (DOGE) ATH is $0.68, compared to a value of just under one penny at the beginning of the year. Tesla (NASDAQ:) CEO Elon Musk was partially responsible for the massive growth after calling Dogecoin his favorite cryptocurrency. By the middle of 2021, Dogecoin was consistently polling among the top five cryptos by total market cap.


XRP was designed for digital payment systems but is mostly under banks and financial institutions. It is a faster and more efficient way to allow global cross-border payments. Third-party work on other possible uses of XRP.


ETH is an open-source blockchain on which developers can build original decentralized applications and other cryptocurrency technologies. It is next to Bitcoin as the Silver of the crypto market. Since its introduction in 2013, Ether’s value has grown dramatically, reaching about $3,000 per token as of late May. Still, it is behind Bitcoin’s price of nearly $40,000.

5. BNB

BNB is a cryptocurrency used to trade and pay fees on the crypto exchange Binance. The Binance Exchange is the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide as of January 2018, facilitating more than 1.4 million transactions per second.

BNB was initially operated on the Ethereum blockchain with the token ERC-20 before it becomes the native currency of the Binance Chain.

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