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The CBW app will include breaking news, daily news, trending stories, press releases, and original video content related to blockchain and cryptocurrency

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / — Crypto Business World(CBW) today announced the launch of the CBW News App. This innovative and independent crypto news app will include breaking news, daily news, politics, trending stories, press releases, and original video content related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency news, produced by a growing team of dedicated journalists, writers, external analysts, and content creators.

Crypto Business World is a high-quality content platform that is meant exclusively to cater to the needs of the cryptocurrency market. This landmark comes when the crypto industry is overgrowing, and the changing demands need reliable information. As millions of people choose the smartphone as their primary source for news, CBW adds significant value and provides a best-in-class experience to viewers to get updated on the news every day.

CBW has consistently reported in-depth news and has been a source of the most accurate and reliable info on digital currencies, bringing the latest and trendy news & information to its readers across the US and around the globe.

The CBW app spares no effort to ensure that the news stories engage the readers and increase their understanding of the emerging crypto economy. The app will provide credible, trustworthy, impartial, accurate news to its global users to simplify news and make the crypto industry world easy to understand

The app has a price index of all major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin. The app has breaking news videos of the crypto industry on the homepage, which are updated daily. CBW offers various types of news – Breaking News, Trending News, Daily News, Editor’s Choice Articles, Hot Stories, Analysis Articles. The content ranges from cryptocurrency to blockchain to NFT to Defi to Fintech to legal to security. Additionally, the Press Release section in the app is valuable for businesses interested in publishing their press releases on the platform, with exposure to thousands of potential customers.

“We welcome this new digital transformation, and our team will ensure to offer the most personalized and relevant news experience in our app that will bring new experiences to stay updated on daily news, anywhere and anytime,” said Pramod Attarde, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crypto Asset Rating Inc. “The app is user-friendly, fast, and nimble, and our content team is passionate to deliver unbiased, in-depth news pieces and strives to help and educate our readers on the intricacies of the digital revolution.”

Internet and mobile customers are the fastest-growing segments of CBW’s customer base, and the viewers are consuming news online more now than ever before. CBW promises to continue delivering curated news content daily to hold its core values at heart.

CBW knows that journalism serves a vital role in the crypto space. They are well-positioned to report on the issues that impact crypto communities. With the change in demands for excellent reporting in an increasingly digital world, the CBW app will provide the most exciting local and international news.

Information is necessary for today’s age to stay updated and to be ahead of others. To keep informed, fact-based journalism, which impacts individuals and communities, matters the most, especially when fake news has become more prevalent.

CBW app aims to develop a different platform that will bring new experiences in the way viewers explore the news content. The app is easy to use and focuses on a limited set of unique features with a user-friendly interface.

The content will be available to read offline, and readers can share, like, bookmark, and listen to the articles. Readers will also be able to personalize the app to suit their preferences. The app is available for download on Android smartphones and tablets. CBW Mobile app for iOS devices will be released soon.

The app is available for free globally on the Google Play store.

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Crypto Business World – The Company’s quality media platform for all updates in the crypto market. It integrates in-house and external content to deliver subject matter across all platforms—news and articles, videos and podcasts, analysis reports, and press releases.

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