Cryptocurrency DirtiCoin, Which is Backed by the Value of Real Estate, Set to Launch

Real estate purchased to back the value of DirtiCoin designed to provide safety from volatility and inflation

UNITED STATES, July 29, 2022 / — DirtiCoin, a fungible cryptocurrency with the stability and value of the currency backed by the value of real estate, is set to launch during 3Q 2022.

On July 4, 2002 DirtiCoin released its Liberty Collection of NFTs. These 10 unique and valuable collectibles celebrate 10 different dates that are important to economic liberty. DirtiCoin plans to release more collectible NFTs in the coming days to commemorate important milestones in the story of DirtiCoin and economic freedom.

DirtiCoin is a smart contract using the ERC-20 protocol of Ethereum. The monetary supply of DirtiCoin is controlled by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) comprised of the buyers of DirtiCoin, known hereafter as DirtiCoin DAO, or the DAO. Every DirtiCoin holder is a member of the DAO and has contractual rights to vote on matters affecting the supply of DirtiCoin.

Although at startup the asset ratio of DirtiCoin to real estate will be low, the company will move quickly to achieve its target ratio of 65 percent (+/- 15%). In other words, the value of real estate assets held by the company will meet or exceed 65 percent of the value of all issued DirtiCoin with an acceptable variance range from 50 percent to 80 percent. The remaining value of DirtiCoin will be backed by liquid reserves.

The company maintains a publicly viewable and regularly updated asset ledger showing the value of the real estate and liquid asset reserves backing the value of DirtiCoin. This level of transparency sets a new standard of trust for cryptocurrency.

DirtiCoin guarantees the future of the coin in a number of ways.

The highly localized and fragmented valuation of real estate is a systemic insulator against widespread volatility. The real estate purchased to back the value of DirtiCoin will be purchased in multiple markets across the United States, providing safety from volatility.

Because DirtiCoin is backed by the value of real estate, it has an innate tendency to be a deflationary currency, meaning that the buying power of each DirtiCoin tends to increase at a rate that is faster than inflation, providing stability against inflation.

DirtiCoin supply is controlled by the DAO; subsequent minting authorizations or Coin Cap changes require majority vote from the DAO. The supply of any currency is an important control on its value. Placing this control in the hands of the DAO helps ensure they can help protect the value of their coin.

In addition to the hedge against volatility provided by real estate backing the currency, the

volume of DirtiCoin and its accompanying valuation based on the viewable asset ledger is expected to provide some hedge against speculator-driven volatility.

Anyone, at any time can calculate the value of DirtiCoin using the asset ledger.

(Real Estate Assets + Liquid Assets) ÷ Circulation = DiD Value

DirtiCoinMinting (DCM) manages the wealth of DirtiCoins. Its experts fully understand and manage the risks of real estate investing. They invest in revenue producing properties that increase in value. As those properties increase in value, the value of DirtiCoin increases.

“You don’t have to be rich to buy DirtiCoin. One DirtiDollar (DiD) is worth about $100. This means you don’t have to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get the same wealth protection rich people get from real estate. You can use real estate to store the value of your nest egg through DirtiCoin,” said Sudato O’Benshee, a DirtiCoin spokesperson.

Setting a limit on the supply of DirtiCoin and placing control of that number into the hands of DirtiCoin owners gives DirtiCoin buyers control over inflation relative to DirtiCoin. Under extraordinary circumstances, the company might propose an increase or decrease in the Coin Cap. However, whether or not the number is changed is solely at the discretion of the voting DirtiCoin holders.

“DirtiCoin represents a unique opportunity for ordinary folks to gain some of the most important benefits of reduced volatility and hedging against inflation that come from real estate investing without exposing yourself to all the dangers that come with those benefits. It makes these benefits available to you even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest,” O’Benshee said.

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