Cryptocurrency investors are more charitable than others, Fidelity says

The popularity of cryptocurrency investing could fuel charitable giving, says Fidelity Charitable, which found that 45% of cryptocurrency investors donated $1,000 or more to charity in 2020, compared to 33% of all investors.

Cryptocurrency’s popularity among millennials “makes it increasingly likely that this trend is here to stay,” Fidelity said in a release. It found that 35% of millennials own crypto, versus just 13% of investors overall, and almost half (48%) of millennials see themselves as knowledgeable about digital currency, compared to just 13% of all investors.

What’s more, nearly nine-in-ten millennials say charitable giving is an important part of their lives, compared to 74% of the total population.

But the full financial implications of investing in cryptocurrency are not yet widely understood — even among those who have invested, Fidelity said, noting that 38% of cryptocurrency investors in a survey it conducted over the summer were not aware that selling digital assets is a taxable event and that 55% were not sure that digital assets can be donated to charity.

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