Cryptocurrency News: BIG EYES (BIG), QUANT (QNT), and FLOKI INU (FLOKI) could do 50-100× in the coming months

If you’re about to give up on the crypto market for the year, there may still be a silver lining. According to experts, the year’s remaining months will hold many surprises.

Hence, one needs to be informed, vigilant, and above all, act within control. New cryptocurrencies will enter the coin market, and existing tokens could also experience a rise or fall in price.

Irrespective of the events, one thing you want to ensure is that you’re not caught on the wrong side of it. In this article, we review one of the numerous new cryptocurrencies entering the crypto market with a strong prospect of a progressive run and two other existing tokens that could give a 50-100× increase if the condition is favourable. We look into them below.


Quant prides itself as ‘the future of finance.’ The decentralised network helps financial institutions, enterprises, developers, and other individuals harness the benefits of blockchain technology by providing a highly interoperable ecosystem for exchanging assets and information.

Quant is the first blockchains operating system and has maintained optimum efficiency in linking different networks and blockchains globally since its inception in 2018. The network leverages Overlegder to reduce existing gaps between existing blockchains while allowing developers to build decentralised multi-chain applications for users.

Quant Token, QNT facilitates this functionality and other utilities on the platform. It boasts over a billion market capitalisation and has an all-time high of $428.38. The crypto asset has experienced a downward rally due to the bear market, but experts are not ruling it out, making a progressive run before the year ends. The token currently sells slightly above $100, and it could be a good short-term inclusion in your portfolio. However, ensure you apply necessary risk management procedures.

Floki Inu (FLOKI)

Floki Inu is one of the numerous meme projects influenced by Shiba Inu. However, the meme coin developers aim to take the project beyond being “another SHIB-inspired project” to a cryptocurrency that can rival top ones in the market. The project developers have been marking strategic partnerships that birth more use cases and utility got the Floki Inu token, FLOKI.

Also, Floki Inu will feature three flagship projects which include an NFT gaming metaverse, a platform for content and education, and an NFT and merchandise marketplace. The three projects will be called Valhalla, Floki Inuversity, and Flokiplaces, respectively. Being a meme coin with these utilities, FLOKI will likely rise in the ranks in the coming months.

The token had an unprecedented price surge in the previous year, which early adopters benefitted from. However, the crypto winter has seen it decline in price greatly. Experts’ analysis indicates that it still has the potential for a progressive run, and it could do about 100× before the year ends. Although, this isn’t guaranteed. 

Big eyes (BIG) 

Big eyes is another meme coin with great utility on this list. The meme project aims to help users make the most of DeFi and blockchain technology by ensuring seamless accessibility and unrestricted access to beneficial content and events, leveraging its NFTs. Big eyes will ensure that all community members and users enjoy DeFi benefits by increasing its profitability through innovative features.

The crypto project features a Big eyes swap, a DEX, that will make decentralised finance transactions easier. It will reward deserving community members with incentives and rewards. Big eyes aim to become a popular and successful meme coin in the crypto market, and developers are implementing various marketing and promotional strategies to ensure this.

Beyond improving the Blockchain and DeFi ecosystem, Big eyes will also protect a part of the world’s ecosystem — Oceans, through charity. These features will increase Big eyes’ popularity and adoption potential in the coin market and could contribute to a progressive market run.

The Big eyes token is still on presale. However, it’s set to launch very soon, and experts are optimistic about an initial price surge within a few days of launching.

You can still benefit from this, join the presale via the link below and find out more about Big eyes:


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