Cryptocurrency News: Big Eyes Coin set to reward 10 lucky winners with $250,000, can this push it past Stellar?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a community-focused crypto project that aims to leverage its community strength and dedication to its growth and effective marketing strategies, to achieve great market prominence. Big Eyes Coin will utilise rewards and incentives to motivate community contribution and participation in most campaigns.

While the meme coin with DeFi utility has numerous giveaways and rewards in store, this $250K is currently the biggest. In this article, we review this giveaway in detail and compare Big Eyes Coin’ prominence to Stellar (LUMEN).

Stellar (XLM) – Moving money internationally made easy

Stellar launched about 7 years ago intending to link different financial systems (banks, payment processors or providers, other financial institutions, etc.) together. It makes cross-border payment seamless and relatively cheap.

This utility has improved Stellar’s market prominence over the years, placing it amongst the top 30 cryptocurrencies on the coin market, with over $2.6 billion market capitalisation.

The low-price cryptocurrency is included in about 820K+ watchlists implying that crypto enthusiasts closely monitor it. Stellar (XLM) last reached its all-time high about 4 years ago, reaching a peak point of $0.93.


The cryptocurrency boasts great utility, but its market adoption and prominence haven’t been recent, making it possible for Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to surpass the crypto asset based on market prominence.  Nevertheless, Stellar remains a crypto asset with more than a billion dollar market capitalisation, which will take Big Eyes Coin (BIG) months or years to achieve.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) – The community token saving the oceans

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently enjoying a lot of buzz due to many reasons. The cryptocurrency developers have shown strong dedication towards its success, and it looks more likely to have a great run when it launches into the market. The meme coin boasts DeFi-related utility, mainly focusing on improving users’ DeFi utilisation.

Big Eyes Coin aims to leverage its unique utility and marketing efforts to enhance market prominence. This will increase its adoption and contribute greatly to its presale success.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will ride on the influence of celebrities and influencers like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu to gain more market prominence and increase its adoption potential. It will also leverage community support and reward commitments with incentives and bonuses.

Incentives will come in different formats, including airdrops, additional tokens, giveaway prices, and contests within the community. The meme coin is currently holding a $250k giveaway that will see 10 lucky community members win $25K each.

The eligibility criteria for being part of the giveaway include being part of the Twitter community (i.e., you must be following), having at least $50 worth of Big Eyes Coin tokens, sharing the contest amongst your friends, etc. You can join the contest and find out more about it here

Initiatives like this prompt community dedication and improve Big Eyes Coin (BIG) reach within a short period. The crypto asset is equipped with the required features to achieve market prominence.


The universal appeal of the meme coins, intending boom of the DeFi space, charity endeavors, community strength, marketing efforts, and rewards are all key factors towards the meme coin’s success.

Big Eyes Coin looks set for the top, and you should join its presale now!