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New Delhi: Most financial markets pass through different cycles. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is filled with optimism, and both retail and institutional investors are flocking into this territory. With most of the top cryptos reaching new all-time highs for the past month, several market participants are wondering whether the market has the potential to go higher from the current levels. It can be even more daunting for investors who are yet to enter the market and are contemplating foraying into this sector now. However, we are far from realizing the true potential of cryptos and blockchain, according to Edul Patel, CEO & Co-founder of Mudrex.Also Read – PM Modi Chairs Key Meet on Concerns Over Crypto, Money Laundering, Terror Financing; Discusses Way Forward

Various sectors in the cryptocurrency space, such as decentralized finance and metaverse are only gaining massive attention recently. One of the largest social media giants changing its vision and name to explore the possibilities of metaverse itself speaks about the growth potential of these sectors. Also Read – Why is Cryptocurrency Banned For Muslims in This Country?

Building wealth is a long-term process and requires disciplined efforts. Investing a small amount at regular intervals is the prudent way forward, rather than investing in one go. It helps to ride out the wave of volatility. Attempting to time the market is a pretty flawed approach and does not work most of the time. Cryptocurrencies have steadily transitioned into an asset class that has the potential to deliver better returns than most other asset classes. However, it comes with a greater risk than many other asset classes. Investors should ideally not put more than 5-7% of their net worth into cryptocurrencies. Also Read – Bitcoin vs Britcoin: Bank of England Reveals Launch Timeline of UK’s Own Cryptocurrency

There are still many sectors and projects within the crypto ecosystem that are undervalued and have massive growth potential. Investing in baskets of tokens that revolve around a particular theme could be a prudent way to diversify the risks associated. As long as the investor has a long-term vision, it is always a good time to enter the cryptocurrency market.

(The article has been written by Edul Patel, CEO & Co-founder of Mudrex)

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