CryptoDragons, Next-Gen NFT Project Set to Take the Ethereum Blockchain by Storm

/EIN News/ — TORONTO, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CryptoDragons is a newly created Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain, consisting of 9 interconnected smart contracts that are interconnected with each other through the logic of NFTs creation (ERC-721 standard) and the functionality they are used for.

In the newly created CryptoDragons Metaverse, NFT dragons and the blockchain are combined to disrupt the perception of NFT. The whole CryptoDragons Metaverse will start from a limited collection of 10,000 unique NFT Eggs.

Dragon and the Eggshell

After hatching, the Egg owners will have two NFTs – a dragon and the Eggshell. There will be Common, Epic, and Legendary types of dragons inside the NFT Eggs.

Dragon Metaverse will emerge after Egg minting and the processes of breeding, fighting, collecting, renting, giving away a dragon, and earning will be available. As a result of breeding the fourth Rare type of dragon will appear.

The Dragon Metaverse will have a unique language called Kassis, the Legend, the first blockchain DNA and the battling Arena.

Graphically the dragons will have the highest possible resolution: you’ll be able to zoom in without losing the quality to an unlimited extent.

Blockchain Battling Arena

On CryptoDragons, the technology of the first blockchain battling Arena is implemented. The blockchain’s technical capabilities were used in the best way to guarantee the whole traceability and to deliver transparency and security for all procedures.

The outcome of dragon battling will highly depend on the dragon genome, aka “strength”.

The most unique and valuable dragons with a full 25-gene package are the Legendary ones. They will regularly receive half of all breeding earnings from the platform generating an income for their owners.

CryptoDragons features:

  • A newly created Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain, consisting of 9 interconnected smart contracts.
  • The CryptoDragons Metaverse will emerge from a limited collection of 10K NFT Eggs.
  • After the hatching Egg owner will have 2 NFT’s – an Eggshell and the dragon.
  • 3 types of dragons will come out after the hatching – Commons, Epics, and the Legendries. The fourth Rare type will appear later as a result of breeding.
  • All dragon owners will be able to breed, fight, and collect their NFT dragons.
  • The Legendary dragon owners will earn 50% of all breeding commissions.
  • On the full-scale blockchain battling Arena dragon owners will fight either for an ETH or a rival’s dragon.

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