DappRadar says rise in blockchain gaming as users try “stacking” cryptocurrency

Person activity on blockchain gaming decentralised applications (DApps) increased in September, with several games reporting significant increases in the number of active players.

The Web3 gaming platform Gameta, the blockchain-based games Alien Worlds, Solitaire Blitz, Benji Bananas, Splinterlands, Farmers World, and Arc8 by GAMEE, are among the DApps that are currently registering progress during this period.

According to statistics from DappRadar, all of the top 5 games during the past 30 days were in the negative, and seven out of the top 10 games in terms of the number of “distinctive pockets addresses engaging with dapp’s intelligent contracts” increased.

Eight of the top 10 blockchain games right now are mobile-first, according to a blog post from DappRadar on September 27. This may “transport thousands and thousands of clients to the blockchain,” it said.

According to the report, “using commonplace activities as a hook, such as hyper-casual mobile games, ensures that users will find enjoyment as soon as they collaborate, while reliable tokenomics can promote regular use and retention.”

“Dapp games like Gameta, Benji Bananas, Upland, and Trickshot Blitz enable anyone with a mobile device to earn cryptocurrency with little investment, risk, or prior knowledge.”

According to DappRadar, the idea of “bleeding in the bear and running in the bull” is one of the many factors that could contribute to an increase in the popularity of blockchain video games despite the bear market.

At this point, “the idea that combining investing with cryptocurrency in a bear market pays handsomely in a bull market is sort of confirmed.”

Benji Bananas (Polygon), a product of Animoca Manufacturers, saw the most increase in consumers, with a 16.54% increase over the preceding 30 days. Notably, this game was a Web2 mobile app up until March of this year. After that, Animoca released play-to-earn (P2E) components via the Bored Ape Yacht Club-affiliated Ape Coin (APE). Although it’s unclear exactly why Benji Bananas’ client base increased significantly, the company did organise a P2E gaming event this month that gave the winners a selection of helpful in-game NFTs.

Only Axie Infinity, Trickshot Blitz, and Upland had declines over the last 30 days among the top 10 video games. This month has seen a rise in blockchain players as Bloomberg-like publications have noted in an article from September 28 that the “frenzy” of the highly connected NFT market buying and selling “is sort of lifeless.” It uses the 97% decline in overall NFT purchasing and selling volumes since January as evidence.

Yat Siu, the co-founder of Animoca Manufacturers, noted on Twitter on September 30 that looking solely at the measure of NFT sales volume doesn’t really convey the whole picture in NFTs or gaming. Siu emphasised that while many video games—which don’t frequently make headlines—need NFTs that are very inexpensive, NFT costs typically drop in line with the value of its coupled property, such as Ether (ETH). Instead, he emphasised that the main focus should be on consumer activity and the number of people using Web 3.

In the meantime, according to Cryptoslam, the card-battle game Gods Unchained, which is built on NFT, has had its NFT sales volume crawl into the top 10 during the past 30 days. Gods Unchained has had a 373.25% increase in revenue over the past 30 days and is currently sitting at $10.8 million. After a really slow stretch from February to August, this is the first time since January that the game’s NFT sales have exceeded $10 million.

There have been talks of improving “Season 2” to improve the gameplay and lore, and GameStop is giving away free NFT packs to Professional members this month as potential reasons for this. While an esports competition with a $70,000 prize pool was also revealed earlier this week. Gods Unchained has also experienced a significant increase in active players over the past 30 days, increasing by 28.50% to sit at approximately 14,180, according to DappRadar. The sport still has a long way to go before it cracks the top 10, as measured by user count, it is now ranked twenty-eighth.

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