Dr Yasam Ayavefe Explains How Cryptocurrency Can Benefit The Global Economy

 According to Dr. Yasam Ayavefe, inflation today is accelerated by the rising cost of energy and food. The overall food costs rose by 7%, with overall energy rising by 27% in the past year alone. As a result, inflation impacts everyone globally and wreaks extreme havoc on finances leaving the average person questioning whether they can support their families.  

“Through demand and supply-side distortions, the Covid-19 pandemic is the primary factor driving excessive inflation and perpetuating the economic collapse. 

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the United States of America strongly indicates the current economic crisis. The CPI is used by economic experts to evaluate changes in the price level of a representative “basket” of consumer goods and services.” Dr. Ayavefe, a leader in financial expertism, suggests solutions to our economic crisis and much-needed options for all people to survive healthily.  

Dr. Yasam Ayavefe states, “Without a doubt, investors and savers are anxious about what to do with their money in light of this development. This is not a straightforward matter, and there are numerous viewpoints on preserving money in the face of excessive inflation. 

“A clever diversified portfolio of inflation-safe investments, in my perspective, is critical for mitigating inflation’s consequences. Assets such as real estate or commodities should also be considered.”

Property prices rise when inflation is high because investors seek assets that provide returns greater than inflation. Additionally, we can say that property is scarce concerning fiat currency, while the price of constructing a home rises in tandem with inflation.” 

With this ever-present crisis being a reality, one must wonder what the solution is and if there truly is a solution. Unfortunately, our societies’ current state of affairs is problematic, and most of us do not have the answers. However, Dr. YasamAvavefe has a reasonable solution, and we were highly relieved to hear his words.  

Utilising cryptocurrency potential as an inflation hedge. 


The latest tool in the struggle against inflation is Bitcoin. In more recent times, institutional investors seem to be gravitating towards Bitcoin, presumably because they perceive it to be a more effective inflation hedge than gold. However, if we look at the bigger perspective, I believe that cryptocurrencies will be an excellent long-term inflation hedge.”

To describe Cryptocurrency to those who are unfamiliar with the topic, here is a description – Cryptocurrency is a value system. Investors purchase Cryptocurrency just as stock market investors purchase securities to watch them grow in the company as prices increase. However, Cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain, a digital ledger of transactions. Which is distributed across a broad network of computer systems as it authenticates transactions. As Cryptocurrency is digital, Dr. Ayavefe firmly believes it will become the finance solution of the future and the solution for inflation. Given energy costs and food costs, along with many other needed aspects of our lives, are rapidly rising, digital finance is what Dr.YasamAyavefe advocates for, and we clearly understand his encouraging views.  

“Allow me to state that the way we use money has shifted dramatically due to new technology, financial innovations, and the rapid emergence of digital currencies. As a result, money is evolving, and the financial institutions currently regulating it face ongoing competition from innovative technologies such as cryptocurrencies with faster, more robust financial systems. 

Cryptocurrency utilization can benefit everyone, from the individual to the nation. Both sides can benefit from increasing prospects for financial inclusion, ownership, and power at lower costs and highly improved privacy. Thus, I believe that cryptocurrencies and other innovative technology in this field are the future.” His words resonate with such authority; one cannot help but understand that this financial mastermind, a highly educated philanthropist’s views carry great significance during our economic crisis.  

Furthermore, Cryptocurrency is of the utmost importance to Dr. Ayavefe, given the critical issue of climate change. He is passionate about contributing towards improving our financial situation and the world we live in.  

“The sea level may rise, seasons may change, warmer days may occur, food supply may decline, and some species may become extinct, resulting in biodiversity loss. These are only a fraction of the many impacts associated with climate change. According to what I understand, we must take this issue seriously and respond appropriately, as we currently know of only one habitable planet in our immediate vicinity, and that is the Earth.”  Dr. Avavefe is an advocate for the Green Climate World or WGC Token, where Cryptocurrency is being invested, and a portion is funding tree planting all around the globe.  

Learning from Dr. Ayavefe and the beauty of Cryptocurrency with all of its benefits has been a pleasure and has indeed planted a seed in many as to the future financial solutions of our world. 

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