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LONDON (Bywire News) – As anyone will tell you inside the EOS ecosystem – now is a time of change. B1 is gone, the Mandel upgrade is on the way and EOSIO is being rebranded. The trouble is, that getting that message across to the outside world is tricky. One of the key strategies in doing this will be by getting out into the crypto community and giving EOS greater representation in leading trade shows. 

The first step in this approach will be the Consensus conference which took place over the weekend. Former Eden Chief Delegate Branden Lovejoy would be waving the flag, and the community took time to consider branding and messaging options. 

There is plenty of material to choose from such as the millions of dollars being distributed through Pomelo and the dramatic dismissal of B1. However, none of these messages has made it out into the wider world. As a result, people in the wider crypto community do not currently have an accurate idea about the state of EOS. 

At a time when the cryptocurrency market has been turned upside down, the landscape is set for a new blockchain to step up and prove its worth. From the speed of transactions to the sustainability of its operation, EOS has all the right ingredients. What it needs is a PR campaign to match. 

Another member of Eden’s first group of Chief Delegates, Chris Barnes, has been doing his bit to wave the flag with the Futurist series alongside Brock Pierce. This was the first event, with hopes to be held biweekly. They have also been actively working more mention of EOS into the discussion.  

Aaron Cox completed what was fast becoming a reunion by suggesting the potential of the EVM. “I really like the approach of leveraging the EVM to onboard developers now while we give a facelift to the native technology,” he explained.

Greymass update 

Cox kept the stage to provide an update about Greymass detailing the progress since completing work on the Blue Paper. They have been working on all versions of their popular Anchor Wallet including an Android version with better support for the Android ecosystem. 

On the other side of things, they have Unicove for which they have launched a rebrand including the introduction of a new design. They are also looking to add an Earn section where people can go if they want to earn a yield on their tokens. 

Other upgrades focus on governance and account history. They are trying to sort this, so it shows account information in a simple way that is easier for people to see what has been happening on the account. 

Old Timers NFT  

The chat also highlighted a number of exciting new projects including Old Timers NFT. They will create NFT used in the metaverse in which for a little money people can have an experience which might otherwise have been beyond them. The project is extremely new and is looking for support and partnerships to help with its development.

Boid Avatar project

Recently launched Boid Avatars is an NFT project from the Boid team in which you can design your own avatar, name it and mint it. If other people like your design they can come along and mint from your design and you earn 25% of the costs they pay to mint a copy. 

They have long-term plans for the NFTs. You’ll be able to use them to participate in future Boid projects they are working on. The cheapest pack is about 80,000 Boid, which costs about 8 EOS.

Balance Token on Defibox 

Balance has been launched on Defibox, a stablecoin swap protocol. What’s really impressive is that it has already accumulated a good amount of liquidity. They are up to about 800,000EOS of liquidity in there. 

The app is now live and ready to use. They developed a curve-like platform which could swap one stable token for another. 

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Dan Singjoy and Klaudia Fior)