Ethereum, Dogecoin & Bitcoin – American Wrap 01 September

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: What Wall Street doesn’t want you to know pt.2

Part two of an Elliott Wave, technical, and on-chain anlalytical thesis used to gauge current market behavior and forecast the next directional moves in the crypto market. Bitcoin price shows smart money accumulation signals. A bottom may be near. Ethereum price is likely to witness an influx of volatility, a swing trader’s approach may be the most suitable. Ripple price remains in a bearish stronghold based on recent bearish influence. 

Can Dogecoin price rally amid opposing on-chain metrics?

Dogecoin price is drifting slowly down to a stable support floor that could potentially provide a reversal point and the start of a new uptrend.On-chain metrics, however, are not great fans of a bullish move and suggest that any attempts at a rally will be blocked. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum holders alert: Merge coincides with creditor notice deadline for Mt.Gox

Mt.Gox announced that September 15 is the deadline for creditor claims. This coincides with Ethereum’s Merge, a long awaited event in crypto history. Therefore, Bitcoin and Ethereum holders need to be cautiously optimistic according to analysts.