Floating Point Group and ML Tech Partner to Deliver Advance Crypto Trading Strategies for Institutional Traders

HOBOKEN, N.J., Oct. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Floating Point Group (FPG), a cryptocurrency prime brokerage, is partnering with ML Tech, a non-custodial investment management and trading platform. FPG will provide seamless access and monitoring of ML Tech’s Algorithmic Trading Strategies from within FlowVault, FPG’s cryptocurrency settlement and transfers platform for exchange-based trading.

“Institutional investors are looking for new sources of uncorrelated alpha in crypto markets,” said Leo Mindyuk, Co-Founder of ML Tech. “Our partnership with Floating Point Group provides investors access to a curated selection of institutional-quality quantitative trading strategies managed by ML Tech within a secure FlowVault environment. With a number of trading strategies ranging from Delta Neutral Basis and Calendar arbitrage to Market Neutral Statistical arbitrage, investors can choose strategies that fit their risk/return appetite and deploy them directly via FlowVault.”

FlowVault helps traders achieve superior returns by lowering trading fees, broadening access to exchanges, and opening up new pools of capital. FlowVault is a platform built for automation, security, and scale that gives traders direct access to exchange’s trading APIs. Traders can transfer assets between exchanges and wallets without compromising on operational security. 

ML Tech’s separately managed account (SMA) model offers pre-trade/post-trade risk management as well as 24×7 alerting and monitoring while institutional investors benefit from full ownership, transparency, and insurance for funds on FlowVault.

About Floating Point Group

Floating Point Group is a crypto prime brokerage platform and agency trading desk for asset managers that removes the barriers and complications to access liquidity across a broad set of markets in order to deploy advanced cryptocurrency-centric strategies at scale. The company carries insurance for custodied cryptocurrencies and is regulated in the U.S.; FPG has also secured VASP registration in the Cayman Islands.

Floating Point Group is backed by Tribe Capital, Coinbase Ventures, FAST by GettyLab, Borderless Capital, CapitalX, Formulate Ventures, BoxOne Ventures, Seabury Global Markets, AngelList’s Naval Ravikant, and a host of angel and institutional investors.

For more information, visit floating.group.

About ML Tech

ML Tech allows institutional investors to invest in algorithmic trading strategies that run on ML Tech’s high frequency/low latency infrastructure, supplemented with 24*7 risk management and advanced performance analytics. Investors benefit from a single point of access to unique alphas built by experienced crypto trading teams. Trading teams benefit from access to institutional capital (100M+ capital to be deployed), lower fees across multiple exchanges and easy integration to leading crypto exchanges.

For more information, visit mltech.ai.

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