Governor Evers Addresses Inflation While at LTC

Jun 22, 2022 | 9:00 AM

Brian Norton, Local News, Ryan Brahm

Governor Tony Evers Official Portrait

Governor Tony Evers says that he and his staff are continually working to find ways to ease inflation in Wisconsin.

He announced one step he took yesterday (June 21st) during a stop at Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland.

He explained that he signed an executive order “to prevent bad actors from price gouging on fuel, and renewing my call for the federal government to suspend the federal gas tax.”

We then asked if he would consider suspending the state gas tax.

He said that “the major player in that is the federal government. They can print money. We cannot. We are looking at it on the state level, but the major player is the federal government.”

If President Joe Biden’s plan to suspend the gas tax were to pass, Americans would see an 18-cent drop in gas prices around the country, while those buying diesel would pay 24-cents less per gallon.