HackerNoon Launches a Platform to Track the World’s Biggest Blockchain Games

After joining the Blockchain Game Alliance, HackerNoon has begun to track the biggest and most popular games on the blockchain. These rankings are constantly updated with social data, providing the latest information for gamers, investors, and game devs involved with the metaverse.

Press Release

Oct 10, 2022 10:00 EDT

The tech publishing giant HackerNoon has begun to closely track the top blockchain games worldwide. This new platform further strengthens HackerNoon’s presence in the metaverse gaming space, following their partnership with the Blockchain Game Alliance. The top trending blockchain game rankings will constantly be updated for gamers, investors, and game developers interested in blockchain gaming and metaverse projects.

Each game on HackerNoon’s ranking platform features its own page, which showcases relevant videos and information about the title. They also feature a list of top HackerNoon articles that mention or report on the game, allowing readers to immediately discover the latest news about the project. Anyone interested in receiving constant updates about blockchain games can subscribe to HackerNoon’s blockchain gaming newsletter directly on the page.

“We’ve been partnering with blockchain gaming companies such as The Sandbox and Megafans,” HackerNoon writes, “and the response has been phenomenal. The creative stories our contributors have come up with show just how much passion there is for the metaverse and the future it holds for us. HackerNoon wants to be part of building the metaverse, in whatever small or large way we can.”

HackerNoon has created this platform to benefit gamers, investors, and game developers. The ranking platform provides gamers a way to access information and news articles about trending titles. Investors can use the rankings data to perform research on which games and currencies are currently rising and falling in the public eye. Game developers can use the platform to see which games are trending, assisting them in collecting data and iterating on their own blockchain titles.

Companies looking to advertise their own blockchain game can fill out a form to get it featured on the platform. If the project passes HackerNoon’s vetting process, a profile will be created for the game and it will be listed and tracked on the Trending Blockchain Games page.

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