How EOS Hopes to Shed the Past with Antelope – Bywire Blockchain News

LONDON (Bywire News) – Ever since was ousted from the EOS ecosystem, the community has been working overtime to put the project back on track. One of the most important was the rebranding of EOSIO to Antelope to formally mark the transition away from 

With that has come a real sense of excitement within EOS and the wider community – one which goes some way to recapturing the original hype after B1’s record-breaking ICO. Back then, B1 indicated that they planned to develop one of the world’s first proof of stake blockchains. 

In a world in which the enormous energy demands of the proof of work model were coming under pressure, this represented a faster, more efficient and more sustainable solution for a more environmentally friendly future. POS promised to be the magic bullet which addressed energy concerns without compromising the key benefits of the blockchain.  

It was a golden opportunity, but one which B1 largely squandered. Despite raising over $4bn which was supposed to go towards the development of this ground-breaking blockchain, they dragged their feet. Development was painfully slow. Disillusionment set in and the hype subsided. EOSIO’s original billing as an ‘Ethereum Killer’ rang more than a little bit hollow.   

As a result, development on EOSIO and EOS stalled as developers struggled to build without adequate infrastructure. Promises were made, and promises were broken, giving the community little choice but to take matters into their own hands. B1 was spectacularly shown the door last year, with the potential of more legal action still to come. 

ENF head Yves La Rose commented that the EOS takeover should include the $4.1bn B1 managed to raise which had gone missing in action. In a Tweet, La Rose confirmed that the community would be taking legal action to seek damages from B1. 

Now, as EOS moves away from B1 into a new era, the discussion moves on to how that new future will look. There are challenges. The EOSIO IP was in the hands of a third party, which created a major problem. 

The hard fork, in which the community will take control of the underlying codebase, is that solution and will go into effect on September 21, 2022. After a coordinated effort spearheaded by the ENF, a new code has been created which brings together all the previous EOSIO chains including WAX, Telos and the UX network. 

The unified effort will signify a rebrand from EOSIO to Antelope. Antelope replaces the brand “Mandel” which had been a placeholder for the new upgrade. 

Antelope will be an open framework chain that has delegated proof-of-stake consensus rules. In addition, there is an Antelope Coalition which requests proposals to improve EOS and build new applications. The roadmap is set to offer exciting developments to pioneer EOS to its deserved success.

Antelope has many network improvements to EOS and those primary points of focus are:

  • Faster finality 
  • Wallet SDKs
  • EVM compatibility 
  • Implementing the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC) used by the Cosmos ecosystem and its internet of blockchains.
  • The addition of automated security auditing tools

All of these developments are set to bring a breath of fresh air to EOS and all networks under the Antelope banner. The community having a bigger say allows the ecosystem to embrace decentralisation and open-source code once again. Under the new name of Antelope, then, the ENF hopes to finally get the EOS ship sailing at full speed in the right direction. 

The ENF hopes to steer the Antelope and EOS ship in the right direction.

(Writing by Samba Jallow, editing by Klaudia Fior and Tom Cropper)