Inflation Will Wreck You Bitcoin Save You

No amount of inflation is good, but now it’s noticeable and unnerving. The good news is that you have recourse. Sound money exists – it’s called bitcoin. This is an article written for hardworking people who are concerned about rising prices, a broken economy and their own self-preservation in an uncertain future.

I just moved to a new state and have been exploring the town. At dinner last week, I ordered an amazing chicken dish with a spicy peach glaze, served with bacon grits and coleslaw. It was $11. Even though I’m new to the area and should be exploring other restaurants, the food was so good, and remarkably cheap, that I went back a week later.

Well, just seven days later, the menus were newly printed and the same chicken dish was now $14. I confirmed the price increase with the waiter. I didn’t just imagine it – my meal really did cost 27% more!

That’s the thing about inflation – unless you’re thinking about it constantly, or you’re from Argentina, Zimbabwe or any other country that has experienced hyperinflation, you probably don’t notice small price changes. My dinner cost way more after just a week so I noticed. But when the price of milk sneaks up by 17 cents at the grocery store one week, and then by 21 cents a few weeks later, it’s much harder to spot.

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