Influencers Support Big Eyes Coin as its presale hits $3.2 million – will it join Tron and XRP at the top of the Crypto Ladder?

Influencers supporting projects are usually a good sign that the platform is worth your attention. Figures like Elon Musk have an eye-watering amount of followers on multiple platforms that follow his every move in the crypto market.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) developed a large following at the start of its crypto journey. The innovative platform has hit a significant milestone in the past week, reaching $3.2 million in its highly anticipated presale. Following the news of Big Eyes Coin, will it join Tron (TRX) and Ripple (XRP) at the top of the crypto ladder? Let’s find out!

Lots to be excited about with Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin has garnered attention from many crypto enthusiasts since its inception. The new meme coin has created an ecosystem that helps shift wealth into the decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystem while protecting the oceans. Big Eyes Coin will make regular donations to ocean conservation sanctuaries with its charity wallet holding 5% of BIG tokens!

Influencers are excited about the future of Big Eyes Coin. Abraham posted on Twitter regarding the Big Eyes Coin 250,000 giveaway. That’s right, Big Eyes Coin will give away 250,000 precious BIG tokens to ten lucky winners. The first winner will take home 100,000 tokens with the rest split between the other nine winners!

The Big Eyes mascot is an Anime design. It caters to the growing population of Anime consumers. Big Eyes Coin even plans to release a series of comic books documenting Big Eyes’ journey in creating a cryptocurrency! Users who are fans of the comic book series can purchase Big Eyes Coin merchandise, both physical and digital.

The world’s fastest growing Blockchain – Tron

Tron utilises a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that helps it remain environmentally friendly. Tron can process up to 2000 transactions per second, allowing it to scale effectively, while remaining environmentally friendly.

One of the many benefits of Tron is that there are no transaction fees on the platform! Tron is primarily used for creating decentralised applications and sharing media content. It allows content creators to fully own the content that they create, taking power away from centralised organisations that own their content.

The PoS consensus allows Tron users to stake their TRX tokens. Staking TRX allows Tron users to participate in the representatives’ selection process. Additionally, you can earn passive income for your help in securing the network!

XRP Increases by 7.18%!

The XRP platform hosts an array of benefits that its users can enjoy. Security is a problem in the crypto market, data breaches and hacks are becoming far too common, which is where XRP shines. Each transaction is secure due to the majority of ledger holders agreeing with the verification before it is processed.

You might think that with secure transactions comes low speeds. Well, XRP can process transactions within four or five seconds! It takes Bitcoin (BTC) potentially hours for its transactions to be verified, showing how XRP is a viable alternative to the crypto giant.

Although the crypto market is experiencing a decline, XRP is increasing in value. The crypto market has fallen by 5.13% in the past 24 hours. However, XRP has risen by 7.18% in seven days at the time of writing!

Final Thoughts

Tron and XRP have established themselves as crypto giants throughout their existence. They both target different niches and offer viable alternatives to other popular platforms. Their futures look bright as they continue to dominate the market.

So, can Big Eyes Coin join Tron and XRP at the top of the crypto ladder? All signs point to yes. Big Eyes Coin has already gathered a considerable following considering it is still in the early stages. Influencers are backing the platform as it continues its dazzling presale. Its unique ecosystem and attention from influencers could catapult it up the crypto ladder when it launches.

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