Introducing Asset Tokenisation for Marine Economy at The Future Blockchain Summit

Future Blockchain Summit, the world’s most influential Blockchain industry event, is set to return in October for its fifth edition, with 100,000 crypto enthusiasts, experts, and investors worldwide.

In this crypto winter, the projects with the most innovative use cases have emerged to push the boundaries to validate their products and user belief in a decentralised ecosystem.

ShipFinex, a real-world asset tokenisation exchange, is one such project that puts blockchain into a real use case for bridging the Maritime economy to a decentralisation ecosystem.

Around 80% of global trade is carried by sea, which still falls under a traditional setup that depends on manual configuration for day-to-day activities, resulting in irregularities and delays that cost millions of dollars to the shipping industry.

ShipFinex envisions to tokenise this massive economy to enable fractional ownership of assets, wallet-based instantaneous transactions, token-based trust for all stakeholders & participants, transparency & market-based fair price discovery for assets/services.

In the exciting 4-day conference, ShipFinex with its founders and team will take up a booth space in the centre arena, interacting with the Web3 enthusiasts and experts flocking to the event and showcasing their unique approach to revolutionise asset tokenisation in the maritime sector.

Furthermore, ShipFinex’s COO, Capt Vikas Pandey will also be speaking at Project Showcase section, pitching the idea of how blockchain can instil a new operational framework in the trillion-dollar economy.
Source: ShipFinex