Key Macro Events That Will Likely Impact Cryptocurrency Market In October! Here’s the Time-Line

The cryptocurrency market has spent the majority of 2022 in the fear zone, with a majority of that time being spent in a state of ‘fear’. In reality, there has been a lot of concern in the cryptocurrency market and prior to the big rise in the price of digital currencies like Bitcoin in August, the industry had a record-breaking stretch of severe panic.

Some significant dates that the on-chain analytics company Santiment believes could have an impact on bitcoin prices have been shared on Twitter. They cite the calendar of significant macro events that are expected to affect crypto.

These are very crucial dates to pay attention to because of the continuing close link between digital assets and stocks.

The FOMC meetings are a “high risk” period for Bitcoin, according to market analysts, thus the dates are important. The price of Bitcoin trended lower and then increased after Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s speech, following a pattern that was observed this year in May, June, and July, eight to ten days before the FOMC meetings.

The CPI announcement on October 13 and the FOMC meeting on November 2 are considered to be the most crucial dates, according to Arcane Research. During the FOMC meeting last week, BTC’s intraday volatility soared to new heights.

This shows the value of keeping an eye on significant macro events, therefore you should already mark the release of the September U.S. CPI on October 13 and the next FOMC press conference on November 2 in your calendar, which was stated inTwitter comments.

According to Santiment, the remaining release dates for the U.S. CPI are October 13, November 10, and December 13. The FOMC will meet on October 12 (Fed FOMC meets), November 2 (Fed FOMC will decide on the interest rate), November 23 (Fed FOMC will release its minutes), and December 14 (Fed FOMC will meet). 

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