Kirsty Barany to Make Online Dating Safe Using BSV Blockchain

  • Kirsty Barany attended BSV Global Blockchain Convention organized in Dubai. 
  • Kirsty Barany aims to make online dating reliable. 

According to reliable data sources, around 320 Million people are currently using dating applications, and the number of users is continuously increasing because of the internet’s expansion. And as per a report, approximately 65 percent of the global population uses the internet in their daily routine. 

In the United States, one couple in three meets online with online dating applications. Some popular dating applications are Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and Happn.

Although in the last few years, dating scams have increased globally, and several users believe that dating sites are safe to use, many of them say there is a risk in using Dating applications.         

Kirsty Barany is working hard to make online dating safe and secure. Kirsty is developing a secure system using the Bitcoin SV blockchain. 

Kirsty Barany is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Clear Sparrow, a company permitting online daters to easily exchange their verifiable information before or after dating or meeting. This advanced feature of Clear Sparrow facilitates a better picture of who they are going on a date with, giving them a sense of security and allowing them to enjoy their date freely. 

Kirsty was invited by her close friend to attend the BSV Global Blockchain Convention organised in Dubai. And in an interview with a crypto news outlet, she talked about online dating and the BSV blockchain.     

She mentioned, “One of the things I love about this technology is the ability to give the data back to the real owner, [and that is] the user.” 

Kirsty believes that for any blockchain network to power the online dating world, “it needs to scale, it needs to be fast. This is what this technology [BSV] does for us.” 

Adding more, she noted, “It’s a nice ecosystem. They’re very welcoming and they will welcome your idea and then make it better.” 

She closed her statement and mentioned, “We’ve been receiving talent from New York, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. It’s incredible the amount of talent that’s congregating in Miami…Everybody is working on something cool.” 

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