Latest Crypto News – Ethereum and Runfy Helping The Market Evolve

The crypto market is ever-changing and it can be quite hard to keep up with the latest crypto news. One of the biggest current events happening in the crypto world is the merge of Ethereum (ETH). This merge is something that has been bubbling behind the scenes for quite some time now, and now it has finally happened. Plus the new project, Runfy (RUNF) is also on track to launch soon which could push the market one step further. 

Ethereum Merge 
The long awaited Ethereum merge has finally happened on September 15th 2022 which means that Ethereum is now using an updated, more eco-friendly system with much less energy usage than before. 

Ethereum is the biggest blockchain in the market and now that it has finally upgraded, it is expected to become bigger and better. Although Ethereum was highly secure and scalable before the merge, it is now even more so. Additionally, Ethereum has cut down significant energy costs and usage, making it a much more sustainable way to go forward in the market. 

This is a key moment for the crypto space as this merge has been a step forward in the right direction for not only Ethereum, but the general crypto market. By tackling a huge issue that many crypto projects are facing which is the large use of energy consumption, this is a step forward in helping crypto become more available and accessible for daily use in the long term.

Furthermore, it is smart to keep an eye on ETH to see how this merge could possibly affect its value as many predict it to rise. 

Running The Show – Runfy (RUNF)
Runfy is a new crypto project that aims to tackle a different issue for individuals around the world. Using crypto as a means of motivation, Runfy aims to reward users with RUNF tokens for achieving their fitness goals. 

Due to the pandemic, many individuals worldwide lost the motivation to work out and get fit. Runfy provides a solution to this by using its platform to get people working out and looking after their health. This is a common issue for individuals, whether they have any crypto experience or not. 

As this is a brand new take on crypto and its purpose, Runfy has the potential to open up the crypto market to a new range of users. A lot of people find the general idea of crypto to be overwhelming and daunting because it is primarily finance based, however Runfy changes this idea by focusing on health and wellbeing first and finance second. Additionally, this is a great way to motivate people, as well as helping them better their own lives in more ways than money. 

Runfy is currently in presale and is set to launch officially in the near future. This means that RUNF token prices are low, plus Runfy is offering a bonus for those who purchase tokens in presale. If RUNF tokens are purchased during stage 1 of presale, they will earn a 7% bonus, similarly in stage 2 of presale, users will earn a 5% bonus, and a 3% bonus in stage 3. 

With this in mind, it is best to further your research before making any crypto related decisions. 

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