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The core principle and design goal of Bitcoin was to be “a purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash.” While this statement from the whitepaper is traditionally viewed as being related solely to the processing of payments independent of a financial institution, there are other aspects of Bitcoin that are incredibly important to maintain in order to keep it a peer-to-peer system that empowers its users to maintain control over their own finances. Self-validation is one of the most important things for a Bitcoiner to do in order to maintain their own sovereignty over their money. Privacy is another thing that is also incredibly important in relation to self-sovereignty. Obviously in addition to these two aspects, managing your own keys is key (get it?) to having full control over your own bitcoin.

Specter is a family of open source projects that have been working to make all of these important qualities accessible and easy to use for Bitcoiners since 2018. Moritz Wietersheim from Specter was kind enough to give some time to answer questions regarding the past, present state and future plans of the Specter team in expanding their software and hardware devices to continue simplifying the process of using Bitcoin in the most sovereign way possible.

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