My Take On XRP Price Prediction In General For BITSTAMP:XRPUSD By ShadowDNA

Ripple as a company is huge and powerful one. They have high rank connection with the financial sector around Europe, Asia and Middle east.

From Technical Analysis perspective, I have ran over multiple scenarios and all leads to at first unreasonable price range. Then I started digging into XRPL and RippleNet which led me to Ripples investors and their partnerships (Which by the way are huge one with deep pockets), everything started to clear up and the unreasonable prices started to make sense somehow.

I can’t claim my findings solely on my own research, I have searched and the first place I have looked into is Ripple website which you can after that follow the keywords in which will lead you to many information as documents, articles and solid contracts. I’d advice you to do your own research and see yourselves. But I will leave you with some articles I have verified myself for my own sake and hope it takes even further that that.

Technical Analysis:

I have done a ton of analysis especially on assets that lived at least a previous bull run and validated my technique and the price targets almost accurate came true.

I don’t depend on indicators to determine the asset cycle final targets, I only use indicators to assist in trading.

I use price action along with Fib Extensions to determine the T.A price, I also put into my calculations the project achievements and weigh in their activities ( Partnerships, investors and type of contracts they close, monthly volume )


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