No difference between cryptocurrency and Monopoly money – Chicago Tribune

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Playing with money: What’s the difference between cryptocurrency and Monopoly money? Nothing.

Time for GOP to step up: Continued stonewalling is not the response this country needs from the Republican Party. Make a move. Counting the money that the NRA gives you doesn’t count. Maybe you should buy a conscience with some of that cash. When are we going to start voting theses scoundrels out of office?

Saving Chicago money: Here’s a surefire way the city of Chicago could save a large sum of money. Cancel the Chicago Bureau of Tourism and shut down the entire department. Nobody’s going to Chicago. Shootings and violence running rampant in the city, Millennium Park, River North, Mag Mile and Navy Pier just to name a few. Perhaps Mayor Lightfoot can divert the money saved for another handout? This should win her a few more votes in her next failed campaign for mayor.

Plan backfired: After the previous year of 7% inflation and this year already over 8%, (U.S. Treasury Secretary) Janet Yellen finally admitted she was wrong when she said the risk of inflation would be small, manageable and transitory. President Biden said the costs of food and gas will not be under control any time soon. Neither will say that far too much money was sent for way too long to state governments and too many people, many who never lost their jobs. It was either socked away or spent recklessly instead of being used for immediate needs, the way it was intended.

Disaster no surprise: So Jamie Dimon of Chase Bank thinks the economy is in for a disaster. He is part of the cause. Financial and oil company CEOs have all the power and get their boards to pay them more than 200 times the median wage. When the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, banks did not raise interest rates paid to savers. Savings used to be the basis of economic security for ordinary people, but now it’s just stupid and enables banks to steal from customers. Financial services forces everyone to gamble in the stock market now in trouble.

Relevancy questioned: Not being a historian myself, I’d like to know at what point in time the electoral college was ever relevant? And the same goes for the House of Representatives, where even a two-year term seems way too long!

Money controls guns: I want to make myself perfectly clear. If you have a gun legally in your household or have a permit to carry one for your protection, I am 100% in your corner. But we are holding the Second Amendment hostage because we are the only country that cannot control guns. Our lawmakers, namely the Republicans, keep passing the buck and not voting for any type of gun control. The gun lobbyists give millions of dollars to the Republican Party. So that leaves us with the bottom line, money talks.

Deadly game of pinball: As long as the news people keep reporting that killings and shootings are going up, the gang-bangers try to break the record the following week. It’s a shooting game like a pinball machine. How high can you go?

Not a mental health issue: Shooters just don’t care about human life, yours mine or anyone else. It’s not mental health. They are just trying to find an excuse to blame it on people with mental health.

Cause and effect: Every time our government mentions the possibility of enacting more gun control, more guns are sold. More people conclude that our Founding Fathers were correct when they added the Second Amendment to our Constitution for protection from a tyrannical government.