No Man’s Sky gets cryptocurrency

Players in No Man’s Sky have introduced a cryptocurrency in the game called Hubcoin.

The new currency was created by members of a community group called Galactic Hub and is intended to appease players who have reached the endgame but still want something to work towards.

Galactic Hub is one of many player communities that have arisen in No Man’s Sky and has been around for more than five years. It operates on Discord and Reddit to promote greater co-op experiences.

However, the creators of the new Hubcoin have stressed that the coin isn’t intended to have real-world value so that it can’t be turned into a moneymaking scheme.

Hubcoin will be earned through participating in the Galactic Hub community rather than being bought directly.

While there are reservations surrounding this plan, this new initiative could prove to be a great boon to the No Man’s Sky community – provided they can ensure the currency works as intended and isn’t abused.

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