‘No Man’s Sky’ players have created their own useless cryptocurrency

A No Man’s Sky community has created its own cryptocurrency for players who have reached the endgame.

As reported by Vice, the cryptocurrency – named HubCoin – was created by members of the Galactic Hub community which aims to provide a deeper cooperative experience for players of the sci-fi survival game.

HubCoin is directly aimed at players who have reached the endgame of No Man’s Sky and are no longer in need of the game’s in-game currencies, but “still desire access to those things which can only be achieved by player activity,” said the Galactic Hub founder 7101334.

No Man’s Sky. Credit: Hello Games

“They want to commission ByteBeat tracks under certain parameters, they want to pay for an artistic canvas in their base, they want a PC player to save-edit a custom fauna companion for them, they want a skilled architect to help design their base or do interior decoration, or maybe they just want the simple convenience of not gathering their own resources.”

According to the report, HubCoin runs on an Ethereum “testnet” and is effectively in its public test realm (PTR) stage. However, although it works the same as other cryptocurrencies and there are around 149 players using the currency, it has no value whatsoever.

It’s earned completing activities in the Galactic Hub community, like using the Galactic Hub wiki and taking part in in-game events.

HubCoin can also be used to purchase No Man’s Sky goods and services in the game, bet on Galactic Hub Star League events, or shop on the Galactic Hub Marketplace.

Cryptocurrencies are known for their environmental damage, and when asked about any concerns, Galactic Hub said it switched to a “proof-of-authority” testnet before launching publicly, meaning less energy is used for crypto mining.

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