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At BitBlockBoom in August 2021, American Hodl prompted the audience to reflect on how we, as the future wealthy elite, will allocate our resources for the benefit of future generations. His main point was to emphasize the importance of making wise investments in a sound money economy because if someone squanders their bitcoin on reckless ventures, they wouldn’t be getting that bitcoin back. Though American Hodl didn’t share his own ideas for the types of things Bitcoiners should invest in to advance humanity, his question was an important inquiry into the values of Bitcoin users and his speech received a standing ovation.

Similarly, on a recent episode of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast, Parker Lewis shared, “The key difference [between Bitcoin and the current monetary system] is, in order to get bitcoin, you have to deliver value on the free market. If you were to acquire money in this monetary system, you must deliver value to somebody on the other side. In the Fed system, 80% of all dollars that have been created, have been created since 2008. So, in the dollar system, that is not fundamentally true. You can either get dollars by delivering value to somebody else and be compensated or the Fed will step in and allocate dollars.” The current system does not incentivize creating value with the Federal Reserve as a buyer of last resort. When we transition to a bitcoin-denominated system, only those that create value will be rewarded. As Bitcoiners, we will have an opportunity to allocate our resources in ventures that align with our principles and provide value to the world.

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