RiseUp Financial Announces Launch of All-New Cryptocurrency Platform

HOUSTON, Nov. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RiseUp Financial – a one-stop-platform for cryptocurrency vetting and security – is excited to announce the launch of their new token. RiseUp is an innovative tool that was developed to provide a safe and secure crypto space for investors. As the crypto ecosystem continues to grow, many investors have found themselves involved in projects that have robbed them of their investments. In fact, security analysts are seeing a rise in fraudulent activity that matches the schemes used during the crypto boom in 2017. RiseUp values the integrity of our customers and our goal is to teach and educate investors on ways to avoid scams as well as protect their investments.

RiseUp’s founder and team bring a passion & tenacity for providing a safe space for investors, as well as a decade of experience in the crypto space. The RiseUp team is composed of experienced cryptocurrency investors as well as contract and wallet-tracking specialists that are dedicated to the principles of secure trading.

RiseUp is excited to share details of their new token with investors who are looking for a more reliable and secure way to launch and invest in cryptocurrency, including features like:

  1. Security & KYC (Know Your Customer): RiseUp allows users to enter the contract address and scan for possible scams and malicious smart contract code holders. Additionally, RiseUp will soon enable developers with a KYC feature for launching their pre-sale and auditing the contracts with their customers.
  2. Low Network Fees: RiseUp is powered by the Binance smart chain and is hyper deflationary, whereby it consistently decreases supply and while increasing the price over time.

“The crypto universe is such a large and innovative space. But within this space also lies a dark web of developers that thrive on creating scams. Our focus as a project is to restore the authenticity of the Binance Smart Chain and protect investors. We have developed tools and resources that educate our community and we want to help them avoid fraudulent activity in the crypto space.” – Brandon “The Networker”

For more information about RiseUp Financial, please visit www.riseupofficial.finance

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