Shared Connection Of The Bitcoin Community

Satoshi Nakamoto originally invented Bitcoin in 2009 as an alternative to traditional financial systems; like most of us, he1 had seen firsthand the disastrous impact corrupt centralized institutions can have on the world through the 2008 financial crisis. Nakamoto recognized the need for a better system, one that could separate itself from centralized powers and be the backbone of a truly free economy. He also understood that such a digital system should rely on no one, not even the creator/founder, to keep running.

Bitcoin was eventually created as a solution: an indiscriminate and decentralized digital asset that relied on a distributed network of miners, rather than a centralized party. The Bitcoin network proposed a new economy in which individuals would be free to transact as they wish, without oversight, surveillance, or tracking. Bitcoin was also the first practical application of blockchain technology, setting in motion a decentralized revolution that continues to this day, slowly breaking free our world’s technology from centralization.

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