Sparg0 wins his third Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Major, defeats Kola at Low Tide City 2022

Another week, another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Major win for Sparg0, as he rebounded from an off set of events with a big victory over Kola to complete a surprisingly deep loser’s bracket run at Low Tide City (LTC) 2022.

Heading into the event Sparg0 was the heavy favorite, with PGstats noting he had not dropped an offline set to any players attending LTC since Aug. 2021 when he lost a set to Maister at the Smash World Tour Central America Finals.

Despite history being on his side, Sparg0 did drop a surprising set to MuteAce just before top eight, sending him into loser’s. However, just like with other top players, this only made him more dangerous, as he swept Maister’s Sora and went on to survive a five-game clash with Lui$ where both players swapped characters at least once. 

From there it was standard fare as he swept Zomba, Dabuz, and even Kola in the first set of grand finals to force a bracket reset. Kola would end up taking a singular game of Sparg0 in that second bracket, but the Cloud main cleaned things up and took his third Major title of 2022 with a 3–1 win. 

The event also featured Melee, though it wasn’t classified as a Major due to only 138 players competing and many of the game’s biggest names not being present. However, it was a dominant run from one of Europe’s top players, Linus “Pipsqueak” Nordin, who won the entire event without dropping a set. 

It also featured the strongest showing from Axe since returning from a hand injury earlier this year, and is actually his highest placement in a larger offline event since LTC 2021, where he finished second last October.

Other standouts include Yasin “Mekk” Mekki, who finished second with a strong showing as the only Captain Falcon in top eight, and Texas locals Davis “Palpa” Scherer and bobby big ballz.

Known controller modder Noah “N3z Mod God” Valdez also made top cut.

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