Strategic Partnership with IndyGeneUS to Expand Blockchain Cloud-Genomic Repository

Both companies will partner in sequencing the Human Genome for Africans and people within the African Diaspora. IndyGeneUS AI will require scientists and life science firms to pay for access to their future genomic repository – including passing down a percentage of that revenue to consenting patients. This collaboration is inclusive of their previous partnership announcement with LucasPye BIO for the manufacture of biotherapeutics to be developed from their future genomic repository.

Together, IndyGeneUS AI & HelaPlex will set a precedent to prevent the exploitation of the genetic data that is naturally owned by Africans and people within the African Diaspora.

“Now is our time! We are excited to become a member of HelaPlex; and more importantly, we are ecstatic about the advancement of precision medicine to provide better healthcare for our people – Africans and people within the African Diaspora” – Yusuf Henriques, CEO at IndyGeneUS AI.

The founding of HelaPlex, and its name in particular, stems from an important moment in history. “I chose the name HelaPlex to pay homage to Mrs. Henrietta Lacks for her contributions to the global life science industry. Her cervical cancer diagnosis are the building blocks for many of our novel therapeutics – most notably those that have successfully treated patients with various forms of Cancer, HIV and Polio,” said Tia Lyles-Williams, CEO of HelaPlex.

IndyGeneUS AI and HelaPlex will formally announce their strategic partnership to community members, industry leaders and members of the global biotechnology industry during a panel event on September 23, 2021 at The Gathering Spot DC. The panel will feature the following leaders:

  • Tia Lyles-Williams | Founder & CEO | Helaplex | Forbes Profile
  • Dr. Gina Paige | Co-Founder & President |  
  • Dr. David Koepsell| Founder & CEO | EncrypGen
  • Yusuf Henriques| Founder & CEO | IndyGeneUS    
  • Cherissa Jackson | Chief Medical Executive | AMVETS  

The event will be broadcast to the public on October 5, 2021 at 6PM ET to honor and raise awareness about Henrietta Lacks. She passed away on October 4, 1951. This is Genetic Justice #fortheculture.  

Online registration for the event can be found here:
It will be broadcast using the IndyGeneUS AI YouTube Page:  

About HelaPlex:
HelaPlex is a commercial co-working space for life science startups and virtual biotech companies. Along with LucasPye BIO, HelaPlex will play a critical role in accelerating the assets of life start-ups and biotech companies into the global commercial market. LucasPye BIO & HelaPlex are both subsidiaries of Goffman Bougard, Inc. and all are located in Philadelphia, PA.

About IndyGeneUS AI
IndyGeneUS AI is a Black-Owned & Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) genomics company creating the world’s largest block-chain encrypted repository of indigenous and diasporic African clinical and multi-omics data for disease prevention/detection, drug discovery and development, clinical disease management, and precision health equity. Headquartered in   Washington DC with subsidiaries in Nairobi, Kenya and South Africa. IndyGeneUS AI was founded by CEO Yusuf Henriques.

Media Contact: Madia Logan | [email protected]

SOURCE HelaPlex; IndyGeneUS AI

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