Tech expert warns the public of cryptocurrency scams

CINCINNATI (WXIX) -FOX19 NOW’s tech expert warns cryptocurrency users not to fall for some of the latest scams.

Dave Hatter says that these hackers are making billions of dollars from scamming users through Rug Pull Scams like the Amazon token scam.

According to reports from the anti-virus company Avast, these tokens are fake tokens being maliciously advertised online to look like news articles. That way, people think they are legitimate.

“Typically, when they go like, the amazon bitcoin scam, and they set all this stuff up, and they promote it. The goal is just to in 70-days or less, or some short time or less, get people to put their money in and then they just shut it down and steal the money,” Tech Expert Dave Hatter said. “I think younger people who understand technology to an extent and are comfortable with it, still don’t have their radar up high enough for the potential of these kind of scams and get sucked into this sort of thing because they are comfortable with crypto… maybe they know someone that’s made money off crypto. They’ve certainly at least heard about it.”

Hatter says that if you get links in your email, do not click on them. Those interested in cryptocurrency should use Google to conduct their own research.

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