The American Bitcoin Revival Takes Root – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Evan Price, a software engineer of 15 years and advocate for privacy rights.

Americans love a good revival. A revival is religious fervor that spreads across the land, often leaving new churches and social movements in its wake. Revivals start with a deep and pervasive sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo. Then a few luminaries step up and begin preaching a new and better way to believe and to organize. These early folks preach to the masses and recruit a following. They take their message on the road and evangelize to as many people as they can reach.

In the wake of a revival, the social and legal landscape is irrevocably changed. New churches spring up and old ones are forced to splinter, shrink and adapt. Laws are passed and social institutions are forced to reckon with a newly organized and dedicated constituency. Related social movements fork off and forge their own path for societal change. Eventually, the religious fervor dies down as everyone adapts to the new reality of their country.

I think we are in the early stages of another American revival. Unlike past revivals, this one is not religious; it is monetary in nature.