The Cryptocurrency Exchange ICRYPEX Introduces Its New Collections to Be Exhibited on the NFT Platform

ISTANBUL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Established by the Turkey-based cryptocurrency exchange ICRYPEX, the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace’s new NFT collections have been launched. Described as the digital art gallery of Turkey, ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace collaborated with three new partners for its new collections.

The CEO of ICRYPEX, Gökalp İçer, remarked on the topic: “ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace, which we have announced in the past months, is here to share 3 new collections with the NFT community. The collaboration we carried out with a foundation, a newspaper, and a record-holding athlete not only brings Turkey’s values to the NFT ecosystem but is also a first in the sector.

Three new collections will be created through new collaborations

For its new collection, ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace has collaborated with Nesin Foundation, which was established by the Turkish comedy writer Aziz Nesin, in order to raise children as individuals who contribute to society. Moreover, special collections were designed for the Cumhuriyet Newspaper, operating since 1924, and the outdoors athlete Erden Eruç who holds 17 Guinness records.

Remarking that Aziz Nesin’s memoirs, the 82-year-old archive of the Cumhuriyet Newspaper, and Erden Eruç’s equipment will be exhibited as NFTs in the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace, the ICRYPEX CEO, Gökalp İçer, explained: “All three collections will be available for pre-sale in June. We hope that the collections we will put on sale with the support of our partners, who are important figures for Turkey, will reach the global NFT community and create value for the NFT ecosystem.”

Each issue of the newspaper will be sold as an NFT

One of Turkey’s most important newspapers, Cumhuriyet’s every issue in its 82-year-old archive will be put up for sale as an NFT. The project was described by Arif Kızılyalın, the Chief Editor of the Cumhuriyet Newspaper, as a “breakthrough in the history of media”. Thanks to the project, headlines that made an impact on Turkish history will become digital artworks. So, this collaboration is also a first on the global scale.