Top Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets To Keep An Eye On In 2021

Cryptocurrency is no longer a term that only a select few are aware of. Over the course of time, cryptocurrencies managed to grab eyeballs from every corner of the world. However, many investors haven’t really had an experience that is worth remembering when it comes to these digital currencies. It turns out that people have lost cryptos because they did not secure it enough. It is exactly here that cryptocurrency wallets come into play. Cryptocurrency wallets are becoming increasingly popular not only because they are secure and safe but also because of the wide range of features that they bring along. Have a look at the top multi-cryptocurrency wallets to keep an eye on in 2021.


WazirX Multi-Cryptocurrency wallet

This cryptocurrency wallet has emerged to become one of the most sought-after wallets in India. To make it easy for the users, it is available in both mobile as well as web-based mode. Talking about its security, here, one can find two-factor authentication or OTP-based authentication. This is an excellent way to avoid any theft and ensure safe transactions.



Right from buying, selling, managing to exchange your cryptocurrencies, Ledger has got you covered. This single application that can be accessed through desktop, tablet and even a Smartphone is undoubtedly your one-stop destination. The advanced technology of this cryptocurrency wallet is such that it stores users’ private keys in a secure and safe hardware device.



Yet another amazing cryptocurrency wallet to keep an eye on in 2021 is Exodus. This wallet makes sending, receiving and exchanging cryptocurrencies easier than ever. This works on both – desktops and Smartphones. What can get better than you getting access to live charts and portfolios, 24*7 support, and a built-in exchange? Well, your cryptocurrency trading would be fun-filled, without a doubt!



If you are in search of a cryptocurrency wallet that is ideal for dApp users, developers, gamers, holders, stakers, then your search ends at Cobo. It is a cloud-based software HD wallet that has a truck load of features to offer to its users. Right from verifying the transactions with a QR code, securing the wallet with passwords and 2-factor authentication, saving the private keys to the cryptocurrencies on the mobile devices to importing seeds from other wallets, Cobo leaves no stone unturned.



True to its name, this cryptocurrency wallet stands tall with the tag of being one of the most secure and trusted cryptocurrency wallets. Available on iOS, android as well as on desktop, this wallet is probably one of the simplest ways in which one can manage cryptocurrencies. Well, there is more to it. Here, it is possible to track the prices and charts – away from the fear of hackers.


Guarda Bitcoin wallet

Here, the users get to choose between mobile-based, web-based and desktop-based wallet to manage their cryptocurrencies. One of the most remarkable features of this cryptocurrency wallet is that it lets the users have access to the blockchain directly from the browser. A point to note here is that the users should always remember their passwords for the sole reason that this wallet doesn’t store the users’ keys. Hence, the possibility that the funds might be lost as a result of forgetting the password cannot be overlooked.

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