We’re In A Bear Market | Essential Read If You Are In Crypto… For COINBASE:BTCUSD By Mattpark01

We have seen Bitcoin rapidly rise from ~$4875 to $69k in a matter of a little over a year seeing percentage gains of over 1650% percent.

Most recently we saw Bitcoin drop from key resistance at $60k, showing clear manipulative pumping by the whales days prior.

Overall, on the higher time frames, such as the weekly, monthly, and yearly, we are seeing huge signs of what we could potentially see over the next year.

Besides TA, which I will go over in a bit, we are seeing clear fundamental shifts in the current environment of not just the crypto markets, but all markets in general, with concerns over inflation , the new covid strain, etc…

On the weekly and monthly time frame we are seeing a clear momentum, volume , and relative strength to price divergences.

For context the stock market saw a bear market 100% of the time there was a monthly bearish divergence.

by late 2022 I am projecting low of about $10k, by mid 2025 I am projecting a price level of $140k-$150k

I do not care if you don’t like what you are reading. This is post is not to make you feel good, rather its to give you valuable insight as to what we could potentially see and more importantly diverging away from the typical hopium post you see on this site and on Twitter .

If you have questions feel free to comment them below!

– Matt

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