Why Solana SOL100 is Being Considered as the Next ETH 2.0?

OSLO, NORWAY / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2021 / There are a lot of crypto currencies, tokens, NFTs on the market that are trying their level best to be the next bitcoin, Ethereum and all the big league crypto-currencies. But the truth is no one has matched that, except till now. Meet Solana.

Solana is considered to be one of the best blockchain networks that is more smart and reliable when compared to the available decentralized blockchain networks on the market and experts claim that Solana has already claimed the title of ETH 2.0 and they have their reasons to say so.

What makes the Solana Blockchain special?

The Solana Blockchain is considered as one of the most sophisticated blockchain with robust architecture and top-class security features built-in. The robust architecture of the Solana Blockchain enables it to reach transaction speeds up to 65,000 TPS (Transaction Per Second) which is 100X more than what the Ethereum blockchain offers (13 TPS). The PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism of the blockchain enables it to offer better performance and reliability with relatively low processing fees, easily making it one of the best blockchains operating in recent times.

These heavy lifting tech-savvy features is the number one reason as to why many crypto traders and developers have grown an affliction towards this particular blockchain. That is not all, according to the latest release by CoinMarketCap, the Solana Blockchain stands at the 6th rank since its inception in April 2020, which is a huge achievement when compared to the other blockchain networks.

Operational Reliability is what sets Solana apart from the rest

The Solana Blockchain uses a sophisticated algorithm named the Proof-of-History method that enables the blockchain to store data in chronological order. Which means that each data is labelled and organized into the system making it faster and easier to retrieve. This gives Solana the superior advantage of aligning and creating smart contracts which is much more robust and versatile when compared to Ethereum.

SOL100- Solana powered project that is raving the crypto world.

SOL100 is a testimony to the power and reliability of the Solana blockchain. SOL 100 is considered to be a simulated NFT. The scarcity of the token (100 tokens in circulation) appeals to the audience of the NFT holders increasing the demand for the token.

The SOL100 token is scarce mainly because the developers of the project minted only 100 tokens and permanently disabled minting. This creates a huge demand for the token simulating them as a collectible (NFT-industry type).

Solana operates with its native token which SOL100, which is basically a replica of the 42-coin but better. Solana comes with sandboxes to help you build dApps and projects which will indirectly prolong the longevity of the SOL100 token. The SOL100 ecosystem is built and enhanced by a group of developers and venture capitalists who come with more than 300 years of experience put together which makes us anticipate better performance of the system and reliability in the upcoming days.

Access to SOL100 is much more than owning a token:

SOL100 is powered by the Solana Blockchain. This means that if you own a SOL100 token you ultimately have the access to the blockchain sandboxes that enables you to build dApps and decentralized marketplaces of your own, which is pretty amazing and something new in the crypto-world. The demand for such services are through the roof and the SOL100 ecosystem provides you with the best to make the best use of the raging market.

With Solana, you have access to build DeFi services and trade with NFT’s exposing you to a whole new domain of expertise and experience within the crypto-industry.

Features of Solana-based projects:

The biggest reason why the Solana blockchain garnered attention and claimed the title of the next ETH 2.0 is mainly because of the robust features. The system architecture enables speed, scalability and reliability, all accessed with a notably affordable fee.

The Blockchain also comes with Sandboxes that will enable you to build and test projects that can be the next big thing in the crypto industry. The blockchain with its transactions speeds and security features has the power and ability to help developers and crypto enthusiasts to scale projects that are bound to be reliable.

The best part of the Solana blockchain is that it has the power and scale to easily accommodate Ethereum based projects opening a wide range of scope for already existent Ethereum based projects to experience speed and scalability. The best part about the Solana ecosystem is that it comes with all the features that you require to build dApps without much hassles and dependencies.

The trading of the token is relatively cheaper which means more interested enthusiasts trying to collect the token creating a huge demand on the ecosystem which can be seamlessly handled by the Solana Blockchain. SOL 100 is now available on Raydium and Dexlab as well where you can buy the token. Head to https://sol100.io/how-to-buy.html for more clarity on buying the token.

Why SOL100 has the potential to topple down Ethereum?

Ethereum is similar to the Solana blockchain for creating smart contracts to determine whether a particular transaction is legitimate or fraudulent. But with a transaction speed of 13 TPS, that simply doesn’t sustain the demand for transactions that happen on the Ethereum network which results in high transaction fees and slower processing speeds which is easily avoided in the Solana Blockchain.

The next thing that threatens the existence of Ethereum is its implication of the Proof-Of-Work consensus algorithm. To put it in much better picture, the PoW model uses a lot of computing power and effort and with a world that is going strictly against excessive use of power, Ethereum based projects have already started migrating to more reliable blockchain networks, like the Solana Blockchain. With more environmental awareness and laws being pushed to ban PoW model based mining, the existence of Ethereum lies faded on the horizon.

With more reliable and sophisticated systems and networks like Solana on the market, Ethereum needs to act fast and make amendments to their under-performing system to stay afloat in the crypto industry. With projects like the SOL100 seamlessly finding their space in the market, Ethereum based projects might soon figure out that shifting to a more seamless and updated ecosystem might be the best choice for them.

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