With HaruInvest, Individuals Have the Possibility of Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

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It appears that trading service automation has evolved quickly in the last years and has become more than a trend. Automation provides numerous benefits, including the ability to trade without continually monitoring the computer actively.

Algorithms are used in the method to buy and sell cryptocurrency at specified times. Haru Invest is one of the platforms that has made automatic trading available to its members.

Haru Earn Explore

The software allows people or corporations to automate trading that follows the tactics employed by investors and watches the market 24/7, creating earning opportunities for them. Haru Earn Explore will provide a high return. There is no requirement for coding skills or financial expertise to get this advantage, and there is no high minimum investment amount.

Unless the earnings surpass 15% APR, there is no cost. The lowest amount necessary to invest in automated cryptocurrency trading is USD 10. Performance is calculated twice a month, on the 15th and final day of each month, and is released within three business days.

Haru Earn assigns investments to its asset management partners in low-risk, medium-return strategies. The partners keep an eye on market conditions and volatility to maximize profit and achieve the desired return.

During the investment time, there is no opportunity for a premature withdrawal. Individuals can choose their approach on the platform by varying the investment time, asset kind, and target rate.

Haru Earn

Another product offered by HaruInvest is Haru Earn, which serves as a gateway to all of the platform’s goods and allows for deposits with no requirements. Individual deposits with Haru Earn create consistent profits through risk-free Arbitrage Trading and Market Neutral Trading based on the Perpetual Future Market mechanism.

It has an exceptional low-risk Trading Strategy developed by Haru Invest’s experienced asset management team. Withdrawals are possible at any time. Members can pick between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether USD as the asset that can be used to access the services. Earnings are calculated on a biweekly basis.

Haru Earn Plus

As a platform, Haru Earn Plus is more versatile and configurable than Haru Earn , offering users more significant earn rates on deposits. Individuals can transfer and withdraw their earnings at any time.

Haru Earn Plus is designed for investors who have a specific investment timeline planned. Individuals can lock up their assets for a period ranging from 15 to 365 days. Every day, all of an individual’s earnings are automatically reinvested, increasing the daily earnings.

The in-house asset management team focuses on extreme low-risk trading based on market inefficiency and market neutrality.

The Haru Invest platform

Individuals will have several advantages while trading with Haru, and the platform will also look after the members’ investments. Haru is a digital asset investment platform that provides interest-bearing crypto deposit and fund services.

The Haru platform only supports three crypto-assets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether.

Aside from that, they recently launched their app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Earnings have now moved a step closer to individuals and their benefits. Moreover, the overall number of earning payouts has surpassed one million, there are over 801 million total transaction volumes, and the Bitcoin earn rate on the platform can come up to 15.2%. Haru is the most user-friendly and convenient platform.

Begin earning without exerting any effort with Haru and allow the benefits to accrue to you.

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