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XRP Ledger Foundation Makes UNL Update for October 2022
  • XRP Ledger drops update regarding UNL for the month of October.
  • The foundation has added a new validator to the project.
  • XRPL currently encompasses 35 validators.

The XRP Ledger Foundation tweeted a major update for its Unique Node List (UNL). As per the details from the announcement, there have been some additions and deletions regarding the validators.

The blog post mentioned that one validator from a project called xspectar.com has been added as a new validator. The public key of the validator is: (nHDhn9nH5KLHDV8jFwZy65VqbtKwRFz5mZKRwPhTkZC7enyokq28).

The foundation states that the validator and operators of xspectar have contributed to the infrastructure of XRPL. The new validator has a good history of maintaining a notable uptime prior to conclusion, according to the foundation.

Some of the other changes include the deletion of two validators. The public keys of the validators that are removed are (nHUUrjuEMtvzzTsiW2xKinUt7Jd83QFqYgfy3Feb7Hq1EJyoxoSz and nHU2Y1mLGDvTbc2dpvpkQ16qdeTKv2aJwGJHFySSB9U3jkTmj4CA).

The blog post also mentions the addition of one Ripple validator with the public key (nHU4bLE3EmSqNwfL4AP1UZeTNPrSPPP6FXLKXo2uqfHuvBQxDVKd). The current number of validators stands at 35.

Operators and list providers can see the full list of public keys on the foundation’s website. The UNL includes a variety of businesses, academic institutions, and even particular XRP Ledger ecosystem participants.

In other ripple news regarding the ongoing Ripple vs. SEC battle, there have been positive advancements. In a recent filing, Judge Analisa Torres reportedly requested the SEC to produce records of former SEC Director William Hinman’s 2018 address.

The information contained in these documents will provide light on some aspects of Hinman’s lecture, which was delivered at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit in June 2018.

XRP is trading at $0.4916 at the time of writing, with no major volatility or price movements.

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